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Website Translation Tool (WEB-T)

Unlock global audiences with WEB-T: your free multi-language Website translation tool

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Explore the power of multilingual translation
with the WEB-T free plugin. Our solution
seamlessly integrates with your website,
breaking language barriers and expanding
your global audience.

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Trustworthy plugin:

Backed by the European Commission: WEB-T, provided by the European Commission, seamlessly integrates with other market-available services.

Translation quality:

Entities from the EU member states and countries participating in the Digital Europe Programme, unlock translation accuracy with eTranslation! This free, cutting-edge service by the European Commission seamlessly translates your website content, boosting your reach within Europe. While manual adjustments offer flexibility, for guaranteed accuracy, consider professional translation.

Free to use:

Zero cost: This machine translation plugin is available at no cost to users seeking automated translation services.

Translate your content:

Tailored translation solutions: WEB-T enables you to choose the most suitable plugin for your system, facilitating the translation of content and website elements according to your current setup. You have the flexibility to opt for a dedicated CMS local plugin or a universal plugin.

Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly:

Global SEO optimization: WEB-T handles multilingual SEO, a crucial aspect for breaking barriers and expanding your reach in the global market.

Data handling:

Responsible Data Processing: WEB-T plugins process data locally on your website, ensuring compliance with pertinent data protection regulations, including the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Union.

WEB-T for every website

No matter whether you manage a personal blog, an e-commerce store, or a corporate platform, WEB-T effortlessly caters to your requirements. Our solution is thoughtfully designed to be compatible with the most popular websites, and you have the option to integrate WEB-T into your Content Management System (CMS). WEB-T comes with e-Translation built in by default. However, you can choose different machine translation service providers from EU member states and countries participating in the Digital Europe Programme, if their API is compatible with WEB-T. For additional information on MT providers, please visit Automated tranlsation section.

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