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Website Translation Tool

Automated translation

WEB-T makes it easy to translate your website content using machine translation services from various providers.


eTranslation is a cutting-edge neural machine translation service provided by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation (DGT).

The eTranslation API is an exclusive service for organizations and individuals within the European Union (EU) and its associated countries.

While various entities can benefit from this service, all participants must be registered or resident within the EU:

  • EU institutions located in any member state
  • Public administrations across the EU
  • Universities holding accreditation within the EU educational system
  • Freelance translators residing in the EU or associated countries
  • SMEs legally established within the EU economic zone
  • European NGOs operating within the EU
  • Projects funded by the EU Digital Europe Programme

To connect to eTranslation’s web service, you need:

  • an Application Name;
  • a password.

Get Your Credentials Here

Your request will be reviewed within 24 hours to ensure its validity. If your request meets the basic requirements, an account will be created for you and the credentials needed to connect your service to eTranslation will be provided. The support team reserves the right to request additional information to assess the situation before granting access to the service.

The maximum size of a single API request is limited to 50MB.

Custom providers

WEB-T can be configured to use other translation providers. Price and supported languages depend on the chosen provider.