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Website Translation Tool (WEB-T)

Automated translation

WEB-T makes it easy to translate your website content using machine translation services from various providers.


eTranslation is a cutting-edge neural machine translation service provided by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation (DGT). eTranslation is part of the Digital Europe Programme’s eLangTech suite of tools.

The eTranslation API is an exclusive service for EU institutions, European public administrations, regional and local authorities, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, non-governmental organizations and Digital Europe Programme projects.

To connect to eTranslation’s web service, you need:

  • An Application Name;
  • A password.

Get Your Credentials Here

The maximum size of a single API request is limited to 50MB.

Custom providers

WEB-T can be configured to use other translation providers. Price and supported languages depend on the chosen provider.

Machine Translation Providers from the European Union (EU) and countries associated with the DIGITAL Programme: Expand your reach with WEB-T!

WEB-T, the multilingual automated translation solution from the European Commission, offers an exciting opportunity to significantly expand your reach.

This invitation is exclusive to MT service providers established in the European Union or countries affiliated with the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL).

Become part of the WEB-T ecosystem and access a wide network of potential clients. By integrating your MT services with WEB-T plugins, users can easily access and select your services based on your competitive pricing and service offerings.

Getting Started is Easy

Follow these simple instructions to create WEB-T compatible API: Expanding WEB-T with new machine translation - European Commission (

Once your MT service is successfully integrated and compatible with WEB-T, send an email to infoatweb-t [dot] eu (info[at]web-t[dot]eu) with the following information:

  • Your Company Information: Briefly introduce your company and its expertise;
  • Service Description: Highlight the unique features and benefits of your MT service;
  • API Credentials: Include instructions on how users can get API credentials;
  • Company Logo: Showcase your brand with a high-quality logo.

Information about your service will be provided on this website.

We look forward to welcoming you to the WEB-T ecosystem!

Company information

 Translated's mission is to allow everyone to understand, and be understood, in their own language. Translated builds technology to automate the processes to deliver high-quality language services quickly and efficiently using the best of human and machine interaction. This differentiates Translated from traditional translation agencies. Translated has built technology based on 25 years of experience delivering translation projects, working closely with clients and linguists to get the maximum from process automation and achieve the highest quality possible. 

Service Description

Translated revolutionized machine translation (MT) with ModernMT, the first real-time adaptive MT technology. This software consolidates cutting-edge Neural MT into a user-friendly product. ModernMT, utilizing a Transformer architecture, adapts in real-time, learning dynamically from user interactions and customer data. It delivers superior translations suitable for raw MT use and enhances MT output utility for professional translators. Unlike other MT engines requiring complex customization, ModernMT easily adapts to diverse use cases, maintained by linguists without technical assistance. ModernMT supports more than 200 languages with real-time adaptation. More details can be found at

API Credentials

How to get API-KAY:

  1. Access the pricing plan page for ModernMT at the following URL:
  2. Fill out the fields and provide the credit card details
  3. Complete the procedure to obtain the API Key, by clicking on the button Start
  4. ModernMT will allow the user to create their own credentials
  5. The API-Key will be available at the ModernMT dashboard, accessible at the following link:


Company Information

Pangeanic is a leading organization in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They have expertise in processing and analyzing data, turning it into actionable information for companies and organizations. Their ECO platform processes data privately to structure it for Language Models (LLMs) to understand and leverage. Pangeanic offers services such as email classification, data and document classification, integrated and private machine translation software, named entity recognition, automatic content summarization, and knowledge discovery. They also provide GenAI and LLM customization, tailoring data and AI models for each client while upholding their privacy rights. Pangeanic is committed to ethics in AI, adhering to the four pillars of ethical AI: transparency, fairness, privacy and security, and accountability.

Service Description 

Highlight the unique features and benefits of your MT service

Pangeanic's Machine Translation (MT) service offers high-quality translations in over 200 languages. It provides efficiency by handling large volumes of text in a short amount of time. The service can be deployed through the cloud or as a private SaaS, allowing for flexibility in terms of privacy and data security. Additionally, Pangeanic's MT service allows for engine customization, enabling clients to train the engines according to their specific needs using Pangeanic’s “Deep Adaptive” technology. The subscription-based pricing model ensures transparency and predictability, removing any unexpected costs.

API Credentials

To acquire the API Key credentials, users should reach out to clientsatpangeanic [dot] com (clients[at]pangeanic[dot]com) and include the following information in their request:

  • Name (for companies, please the company name too)
  • E-mail address
  • Language combinations
  • Domain (if any specific domain is needed)


Company Information

Tilde is one of the leading European language technology companies. With impactful AI-driven products, innovative research, and passionate people, Tilde supports languages in the digital age and enables multilingual communication for over 30 years. By smart synergy of human and artificial intelligence, Tilde develops neural machine translation systems, LLM-driven chatbots, speech technologies, and provides localisation and terminology solutions. Tilde’s award-winning technologies serve a large user base, from corporations to governments to businesses and individuals. 


Service Description 

Integrate Tilde MT into your WEB-T, taking advantage of state-of-the-art machine translation technology that guarantees instant, fluent, and secure translations in all European languages and more. Tilde MT is developed through 30+ years of extensive research, powered by advanced AI, and is designed to meet the high standards of professional translators, businesses, and the public sector. Tilde support team ensures fast, personalized, and efficient service tailored to your specific needs. Available languages: All EU languages


API Credentials

Please send the request to Tilde at mtattilde [dot] com (mt[at]tilde[dot]com), using your corporate email and the following template:

  • E-mail subject – API request for WEB-T
  • The name of the organisation – [PLEASE ADD YOUR ORGANISATION NAME]
  • Contact information – [PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME, SURNAME AND E-MAIL]